Search Engine Strategies

 21 Steps for Webpage Optimization, Steps for Website Optimization :

  1. Write a Keyword Rich Page Title.
  2. Write a Keyword Rich META Description Tag.
  3. Use Your Keywords in Headers Tags (H1, H2, H3).
  4. Position Your Keywords in the First Paragraph of Your Body Text.
  5. Include Your Descriptive Keywords in the ALT Attribute of Image Tags
  6. Make Your Site Navigation System Search Engine Friendly.
  7. Use Keywords in Hyperlinks in your site.
  8. Develop Web-pages Focused on Each of Your Target Keywords.
  9. Create a Proper Site Map.
  10. Add listing On Maps To  Promote Your Local Business on the Internet
  11. Promote Your Videos, Images, and Audio Content.
  12. Submit Your Site to Directories
  13. Submit Your Site to Specialized Directories and Trade Organization Sites.
  14. Request For Reciprocal Links.
  15. Post Articles And Use Targeted Keywords On That Article.
  16. Issue News or Press Releases.
  17. Begin a Business Blog.
  18. Become Part of a Social Media Community.
  19. Promote Your Site in Online Forums and Discussion Platforms
  20. Ask Visitors to Bookmark Your Site.
  21. Purchase Pay Per Click (PPC) ads

 Some Other Tips For On Page Optimization

There are some tips or steps we need to check when we go through new or row web site promotion.

  •     The size of each individual page and/or post
  •     Title Tags
  •     JavaScript Optimization
  •     Alt Tags
  •     Header Tags
  •     HTML and XML Sitemaps
  •     Flash Optimization
  •     Outbound Links
  •     Internal Link Structure including Navigation Links
  •     Website Speed
  •     CSS Optimization
  •     Broken Links and Errors
  •     Robots.txt File Optimization
  •     Optimize Possible Keyword Density and Spam Content
  •     Duplicate Content
  •     Meta Information
  •     301 Permanent Redirection Optimization
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